The Head of the EPA is no Good for the EPA

There is no such thing as clean coal, however, it can be made to be used/burned cleaner, at an extra cost to the bottom line of coal and oil producing industries leaders. Regulations has been put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency to protect the water and air in surrounding its use, now the administration has put into place a climate foe as the head of the EPA that its feared would be rolling back almost all the protection regulations that the Obama administration has currently in place and would increase the profit margin line of some companies and at the same time greatly increase the ground, air and water pollution endangering the health of all living things within any given area. The American people are at the cross road of clean vs. profit, as if they can breathe and drink immediately any profits to live a long and healthy life…


There is very little doubt in anyone’s mind that someone who has sued the agency he now heads on behalf of his oil producing state as attorney general, will do all he can to reduce the powers and regulations of the EPA and is a confirmed climate change doubter, even if he did not fully believe in climate change it was hopped that whomever placed at its head would at the very least be open to the subject after the evidence is put before him, there is little chance of that now at this late stage of the game. Critics have charged that the EPA is overzealous in its steward of the air, water and land, but without that and its extreme stewardship there may not be any clean air, or clean water to drink, once spoiled may be in that never to return mode of pristine. When someday and that day will surely come, when Scott Pruitt comes a calling coughing his lungs out, I will be more then glad to read this of other postings of protest of his tenure at the Environmental Protection Agency, but until then breathe deeply this pure air Scott, for it may be your last…   

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