Our Crumbling Infrastructure

The President during his presidential campaign talked a lot about, ‘making America great, again’, through great infrastructure projects, with all due respect I can’t remember the last time a truly large scale project or projects in America having been or is being undertaken. I don’t even know if there are enough skilled labor around to successfully put into practice or complete one within a reasonable given amount of time on schedule, like Germany, America no longer has a fully accredited apprentice program in place or even one on any program planning board. And if such projects are to be a government-private partnership it would have to be navigated with the lowest cost possible would have to include foreign workers, the use of an American labor force would run the cost of any such project way out into the stratosphere and beyond, with the added cost of add-ons of healthcare and unemployment insurance, vacation, holiday and possible sick time off, just to mention a few, with foreign workers not so much, no union minimum wage bargaining to speak of. So, we must ask ourselves, can we now afford any meaningful infrastructure projects, drawing to the conclusion that had been the main reasoning behind the delaying of such projects in the recent past that have been on permanent hold or never have even been under serious consideration during these modern times, we just can’t afford it even as our current infrastructure starts crumbling down all around us…

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