Let Us Remain in Cahoots

NATO has twenty-eight members, mainly in Europe and North America. Some of these countries also have territory on multiple continents, which can be covered only as far south as the Tropic of Cancer in the Atlantic Ocean, which defines NATO’s “area of responsibility” under Article 6 of the North Atlantic Treaty. Source, Wikipedia…


Speaking at NATO headquarters in Brussels Monday, Vice President Mike Pence reassured allies that America would uphold its commitments to the organization, but added that President Trump expected “real progress” among NATO allies in stepping up their defense spending. Source, National Public Radio…


Someone has got to explain to the current occupier of the White House that an alliance is based on being unconditional, a U.S. alliance would ‘be’ even to the point of not receiving any financial support, ever, it is in the interest of the U.S. and the free world that it be so. It must also be pointed out that member states have friends outside of NATO, such as trade, monetary and other government to government mechanisms in this ever more globalized world. Some European states seem to be hearing from Vice President Pence, that Trump may be considering some sort of excommunication if their military spending is not increased closer to a NATO target of 2 percent of GDP, this is no way to be all engaging in an alliance based on mutual respect and protection and that the notion of ‘America first’, is petty. Also, The European Union would welcome any assurances by the U.S. Presidents support of any continuous of the NATO alliance in its historical status but fear most of his political comments aimed at his home front may place the alliance in deep doo-doo…


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