Am Not From Around Here

Harvest of Shame was a 1960 television documentary presented by broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow on CBS that showed the plight of American migrant agricultural workers.  An investigative report intended “to shock Americans into action,” it was “the first-time millions of Americans were given a close look at what it means to live in poverty” by their televisions. Source, Wikipedia…


Thousands demonstrated across the U.S. in what was called, ‘A Day Without Immigrants’, in protest to President Trump’s immigration policies, was just a small taste of how the nation would look and feel without its immigrants, those who labor in the hot sun in the fields picking produce, busting tables, washing dishes in restaurants for sometimes less then minimum wages, being the best that they could get from employers that know that. In some parts of the country cutting grass, standing by road sides seeking day jobs, maintaining good house-keeping with small children, cooking and cleaning, being treated like under paid servants liken to servitude of sorts, however, some are treated like family, just not real family. Immigrants are some thirteen percent of the U.S. population, forty million naturalized American citizens, all can be referred to as, pardon the expression, ‘just off the boat’, as adults their English, if spoken is less than perfect so they stand out in answering questions or speaking through their American born small children that can be so demeaning on so many levels. The president campaigned on the backs of the estimated twelve million illegal immigrants now living in fear, confirming to the native born that they are to be feared too mostly without reason giving high praise to the president’s policy based on the manufactured fear of ‘the other’, painting them as potential terrorists or worse. Tied in for special treatment are Muslims, giving rise to an anti-Semitic atmosphere by extension, turning a once feel good nation about its immigration heritage into something dirty and shameful, no longer proud to be just a regular American now must be a Mayflower white American with roots in the 1620’s America…that many claim no way true, but so claimed anyway…

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