Help, help me from sinking

Proponents of work-release programs maintain that they promote public safety by gradually re-integrating inmates into their communities, forging supportive ties with family, establishing gainful employment and building a safety net of savings, all of which contribute to preventing re-offense. Washington Post, Lily Garcia, April 25, 2010…


Depending on your point of view one can always find fault with the above assessment both pro and con, but not with its aim, of preventing recidivism. Anyone with a mind to do the research can find numbers in support of and against all work-release programs that vary from state to state, it’s my aim to shine some encouraging light on the issue that it’s well worth the good that it does despite its many high profiled failures, the Willie Horton case comes to mind, that one failure has placed the fate of thousands of would be successful re-entries into civil society at an dead end and because of that one failure it should not mean that we should suddenly stop trying to re-educate and reform the criminal elements in our society.



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