Antagonism or Irreconcilability

Reuters is reporting that the Kuwaiti government may pay up to $60,000 to hold their National Day celebration at the president’s owned Washington hotel, the Trump International Hotel, even though the president has promised to turn all hotel profits over to the U.S. Treasury. It cannot be lost on some observers that, according to the Kuwaiti Ambassador, similar celebrations have been held in the past at the Four Seasons, for about the same amount of bucks, however, this event, this year, in this facility, is owned and operated by the President of the United States and or his family which on the surface can and does add just a little more magnification and may be referenced some fear, used, somewhere down the road as a turning point in some high-stake business dealings. Washington government ethics experts are dizzily in mental confusion has to why the president is putting his presidency and the nation through this conflicting development that may well end up in the courts or be one of many articles of impeachment… 

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