Collective Security

The Cabinet of the United States is composed of the most senior appointed officers of the executive branch of the government serving under the President. Among those are the Vice President and the heads of the federal executive departments, all of whom are by federal law in the line of succession to the presidency and have duties under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. Aside from the Attorney General (and the Postmaster General back when it headed an executive department), the heads of the executive departments all receive the title of Secretary. Source, Wikipedia…


Then under all the above is the thousand heads of the bureaucracy, career government professionals that are locked in place even as presidents and their cabinet come and go. So, it is not unusual like what was reported this week that in the Department of Homeland Security a leak developed showing the folly of the presidents ban of some Islamic dominated countries as a risk factor when it comes to homeland security when the real and proven danger is home grown radicals. It seems to this blogger that the presidents concern should be not with the leak or leakers but with the knowledge of the report and heed an adjustment in policy to reflect the true danger posed by experienced security professionals and not his very politicalized amateur staff.


At this point it must be noted that with the very nature of the White House set up, leaks are predictable it being a very porous environment, however, it can be made to be limited somewhat to leaks of little important, or effect, each and every set up must be tightly reviewed again and again each and every day, security as a nirvanic goal is seldom attainable in this age of electronic devices on each and every person. But try we must just with as little pain to both co-workers and public policy as humanly possible…


One last thought, a true patriot, as one sees themselves cannot stand idly by doing, saying, reporting nothing if what is being witnessed seems against one’s sense of doing grave harm to the nation so loved, endowed with the liberty and justice for all new and old comers alike…


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