Sixty Second Men

This American President has been very successful in pitting American against American, in a climate of suspicion, almost every day an American will meet another American on the street, shot him, crying out, ‘get out of my country’. It seems that not since just before the American Revolution has Americans been so distrustful of one another, when some were known as colonist’s others were known as royalists, even though they did not know it at the time they were all Americans, not until well after the Revolutionary War would it sink in for the good and forever. In the beginning revolutionaries were called patriots, fought in roving bands called minutemen, pledged to take up arms at a minute’s notice, the royalist or loyalist if you so desire, supported the status in quo. Since the 2016 American presidential election there has been a growing deep undercover revolution fought by the new minutemen whose only weapon of choice is not arms but the ‘leak’, despite efforts to curtail it, confidential and sometime damaging information becomes public information leaked in mutilation of or to inflict harm to this administration. A successful government is run on trust, trust in the government to do the right thing by the people being governed, when that trust is lost, the consent of the people to be govern can be withdrawn if not immediately repaired, the only due course of action for the govern is either entering open rebellion or make known damaging leaks by forces unseen with intelligence breeding mistrust until the next election or if or when the government can be peacefully recalled…

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