What follows is an observation that is not complicated, researched information is available to anyone with a computer employing Google search.


The cost of doing business in the U.S. can be increased, decreasing the profit line if strict environmental regulations designed to protect air, water, and land, the overall environment are enforced, or in the mission of the Food and Drug Administration, protecting and promoting public health in the controlling and supervision of new foods and pharmaceuticals. It would not take an exceptional intellectual individual to guess that if a presidential candidate in full campaign mode, pledged to rollback regulations affecting businesses to some degree, would have the overwhelming support of the business community across the board. Examples can be the easy disposal of coal ash waste into rivers, or fast tracking drugs to market without extensive clinical trials that would ensure their safety, or financial instruments designed to guarantee banking profits, created, traded, modified in favor of financial institutions at the expense of common consumers. And then there is the business of, no make that the regulation of elections, civil and political rights, that protect individual freedoms from infringement by government, guaranteeing citizens to be able to participate in the political life of the nation without discrimination or repression, including freedom of thought, speech, religion, press and assembly to protest, to address grievances. The backbone of any nation founded on some form of protest possess the much need baked in tools to renew itself every now and then…as the nation moves forward…in century after century…



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