European Union = Tranquillity

Some historians may be asking; what has Donald Trump brought? The end of the European Union? followed by Brexit, then after tomorrow’s election in the Netherlands, the final blow, but wait, what’s next, elections in France, then bring on Germany, then and only then will we know for sure, if the end of the European Union as it is now configured is at an end. If anti-immigrant, anti-Islam, anti-globalization sentiment can be fostered in the land of immigrants then there is inordinate expectation for a nation with so few immigrants making it an easy scratch test to bring about the fear of the unknown, the recent immigrant. The vote in the Netherlands is the first of three in Europe to test the anti-establishment sentiment brought about by what same have called the over reach policies of the European Union, crying out for the sovereignty the nation-state once again. Unlike in the U.S. no one is proposing the building of a wall, but the closing of its borders, and a return to strict immigration rules, craving for the good old days of passports and visas, that I may add may have stamped on it Moslem, in short stay away and keep out. Underlining all the above is Turkish resentment after its ministers were not allowed to hold rallies to address its resident Turks whose votes are urgently needed to sway elections back home, but that is a story for another post, perhaps next week after the Netherlands vote has been fully digested…in chapter two of the end of the European Union, or the not so fast and may yet live on to influence the whole of Europe for another few years or more…by its very nature, keeping the peace among nations that was more than once before at each other’s throats…if it were not for the union, the European Union…

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