Conniving Financial Offender?

What’s in Donald Trump’s tax returns?

The simple question has simmered under many of the president’s controversies, ranging from his personal wealth (Is he actually as rich as he claims? Does he pay taxes on it?) to his Russia policies (Does he owe money to Kremlin-linked banks?). Source, Matt Ford, The Atlantic’s Politics and Policy Daily…


If the President is sick and tired of all the controversy surrounding his tax return (s) and personal wealth, it seems to me he has the power in his tiny hands to end it all once and for all time by simply holding to the tradition of past Presidents and presidential candidates by releasing his personal tax returns. Everyone seem to think that the President must have something deep rooted to hide by not releasing his personal tax returns, as it apparently grows more in importance at every press conference by his press secretary or interview with a spokesperson, as the reason for not doing so is stated again and again, because it is under audit, which is growing unpalatable with each utterance. At the minimum he could degrade some of the controversy a little by releasing the notice letter of being audit by the Internal Revenue Service, but he won’t even to that, is it because he just loves the attention as some have claimed? maybe. Whatever the reason, his presidency is sort of on hold until this question is either answered, leaked or his presidency is dismissed for this or other currently unforeseen pending reasons.


What follows is my posting yesterday on the subject…


After watching MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow Show’s examination of the Presidents two pager of his 2005 tax return, a soup bone with a little meat, I conclude that just another luminesces object has been released by the President to be chased…in short, may be just too much to do about nothing…however, the background reporting was fun and is revealing…the germ of which may prove to be of his divided loyalties exposed…The people are entitled to know if their President is a conniving financial offender…too soon?  

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