The Nation in Double Jeopardy

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s proposed budget takes a cleaver to domestic programs, with many agencies taking percentage spending cuts in the double digits.

But for dozens of smaller agencies and programs, the cut is 100%.

Community development block grants. The Weatherization Assistance Program. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. The National Endowment for the Arts. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. All would be axed if Congress adopts Trump’s budget.

Also proposed for elimination are lesser-known bureaucracies like the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education Program, the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program and the Inter-American Foundation. Source, Gregory Korte, USA TODAy…


I counted over fifty-five agencies that would be eliminated or severely cut back in funding too numerous to list individually here, some are what can be called sub-agencies whose good works are equally as vital to a virtuous quality of life both in health and sprint of mind. If you could view the list, there will be many that you have never heard of, will not miss, until you wonder what is missing in your life, by then it may be too late to do anything about its elimination it would have been done. The Whispers, a California based singing group, sang a song written by Don Cornelius, with the opening lyrics, featuring an American idiom, ‘You never miss your water ’til your well runs dry’ and so it will be with so many of the agencies on the threated cutting block. Still not convinced, imagine yourself standing on a city street while a vehicles engine was idling spewing tons of exhaust into the air emitting as much pollution to affect your respiratory health later in life, only then would you be wishing for some sort of governmental agency to regulate such a societal ill, the good news is there is, and it is on the cutting block to be curtailed. Think of community development grants at the Housing Development and Education Department programs that count on federal money for their very existences. Here is where I stop and urge you to do the research the programs that you deem as important to your quality of life, it may be some form of the arts, clean air and water, land and water cleanup, industrial waste disposal, garbage pickup, food and pharmaceutical safety, law enforcement, legal matters, electoral reform, device safety, I think by now you realize just how much governmental regulations protect the populace, admittedly at some expense to the business community but that is just the price that they must pay for being allowed to do business, make a profit, just not so much as to place the populace in danger…


One last thought, I like everyone with financial investments have experienced recently an uptick in profits, but I am not willing to curtail my environmental safety and security for a fist full of dollars, are you?