An Endeavored Scheme

The budget outline released by the president’s Office of Management and Budget yesterday was indeed a hair-raising document reflecting the hard-core conservative ideology of the Trump administration despite its populist trappings. It deserved the opprobrium it drew from Republicans and Democrats alike.

But let’s be clear: Mick Mulvaney’s handiwork is largely an illusion. At the end of the day, Big Bird’s goose will not be cooked; Meals on Wheels will still roll; and the Pentagon may well have to get by with the mere half-trillion-dollars plus it was already slated to receive for the upcoming fiscal year. Source, Ed Kilgore, Daily Intelligencer,…


If it’s one thing I’ve learned from watching government from afar is its love of statistical mechanics to prove or in support of a point of view or a pending action. It’s just not enough to state, I don’t care in what official setting that a program is presented in, that it is ineffective in its aim or its implementation without the statistics to back up the conclusion. Someone called this budget cut proposal a “Trump campaign press release masquerading as a government document.” One cannot defund a program that is working, performing as intended without first bad mouthing it and the best way to start the ball rolling is with statics, absent any, then please shut up and sit down.


Does anybody remember the last banking crisis, when mounds of documents were made available to the public before a U.S. financial consumer watchdog was created called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, that begot the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law, I still can to this day can find paper stuck to the soles of some of my business shoes, now that was a statistical paper nightmare keeping some Wall Street bankers up at night to this very day. So, the next time you hear of some agency appointee wanting to kill some well entrenched program as being ineffective, just say these magic words…’show me’, then watch him run and hide calling out for its mother…Ma, he put a spell on me…



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