American Hermitism

Hermit kingdom is a term applied to any country, organization or society which willfully walls itself off, either metaphorically or physically, from the rest of the world. The Joseon dynasty of Korea was frequently described as a hermit kingdom during the latter part of the dynasty. The term is still commonplace throughout Korea and it is often used by Koreans themselves to describe pre-modern Korea.

Today, the term is often applied to North Korea in news media, and in 2009 it was used by United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The first documented use of the term “hermit kingdom” as a reference to Korea is in the title of William Elliot Griffis’ 1882 book Corea: The Hermit Nation, well before the division of Korea. Edited source, Wikipedia…


After the war, the Korean War, north Korea became isolated from other nations which enabled it to develop into a kind of paranoid society, characterized by distrust, becoming constantly suspicions of other nations inventing sinister motives even after minimum interactions. Such feelings of insecurities have placed them on the road to an extreme military buildup of armaments at the expense of the common welfare of its people, did I hear someone shout, ‘budget cuts’. Can remind one of the segregated South in the U.S. and the ‘make America, great again’ movement currently underway today and the America First Party of the 1940’s, enabling walled up sentiment on its southern border; not on the North? In some European capitals, ‘the great again movement’ is taking root again, that pushed them and most of the civilized known world into two world wars in the past, that have so effectively been defanged by the European Union and its common currency in some cases and common markets in trade with deep interaction with each other across common borders without checkpoints, that so many now want to destroy and by so doing enabling distrust and paranoia to raise its ugly head once again as I dare to write it, WW-Three, the really big one…


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