(name change) Social Insurance

An average American walk into an Insurance Super Market, finds the Health Insurance aisle, see on the bottom shelfs budget products, on the top shelfs the so-called Cadillac products, opens a wallet to determine how much health insurance is affordable. What’s wrong with this picture? Health insurance a life and death product; should its availability be based on the volume of one’s assets? Insurance is a business model, so what is a business model? Wikipedia provides a brief description below…


Business models are used to describe and classify businesses, especially in an entrepreneurial setting, but they are also used by managers inside companies to explore possibilities for future development. Well-known business models can operate as “recipes” for creative managers. Business models are also referred to in some instances within the context of accounting for purposes of public reporting.  


Few if any businesses are ever designed as a ‘life and death’ model, calculated to save lives but to make the most coinage. If a life can be saved while making money so much the better, but that was not the aim going in, saving lives was a side bar, became a selling point. Are we so naïve as to think that one goes into medicine to solely to save lives, that is a noble thought, to make a buck and saving lives too, so much the better; is becoming a doctor a business model? Going thru years of expensive medical schooling an investment with a big pay out at the end of studies, you betcha. In the Wikipedia description of a business model the word ‘entrepreneurial’ was used, Merriam-Webster tell us that the word involves, ‘assuming the risks of a business or enterprise’, so where is the life and death element, money cannot be made on death alone, unless one is selling death insurance, but that is for another post, this post is about making a buck on health insurance, and should it be done?   


Government is not a profit-making entity it was invented to provide services to its people by consent, insuring clean air, water and national defense, and by extension the health and wellbeing of the populace collecting taxes as payment, in this modern world government has been called upon to assume more and more responsibility that our forefathers never even considered, so its way past time for it to catch up with these changing times and do its duty by providing healthcare for all at minimum cost.


What I’m hinting at, everyone in America should be guaranteed a ‘living’ just not a financial killing on the backs of those in need of a necessary like healthcare…

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