Happiest is a Nice Cup of Tea

In Norway, oil prices have fallen, a threat to one of its main industries. Across much of the country, average daytime temperatures still hover around the freezing point.

And yet, Norway is the happiest country on Earth, according to the 2017 World Happiness Report, an annual ranking of 155 countries published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a United Nations initiative. The Scandinavian country unseated Denmark for the top spot on this year’s list, published Monday in conjunction with the U.N.’s International Day of Happiness. Source, Amy B. Wang, The Washington Post…


Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Sweden, all are in the top ten. Germany was sixteen, the United Kingdom, nineteen, France, thirty-one, and poor old United States, fourteen. So, it now seems to me, that the ‘make America great, again’ crowd have a lot of work to do, at least as far as any international ranking in happiness is concerned, banning travel into the U.S. is not an agreeable and effective way to win friends and guarantee acceptance into such an august group. Few of the ranking countries as far as I can tell have its people declaring bankruptcy because of high medical costs, or becoming homeless because of bank foreclosures on their home, though I’m sure it must happen, just not with the frequency as in the U.S. And yet above all, the U.S. has and is what beckons the poor and downtrodden, a place that when you arrive, they must take you in, you see, it’s the American thing to do, the American way that has been the empire of nations almost since its founding, even doing its tragic days of slavery and still they came. Its unthinkable that a refugee would bypass the U.S. for Canada, well yes, the number of asylum-seekers are spiking in Canada, which must make the ‘make America, great’ crowd content, with their isolationist ‘America first’ policies, all seem to be rapidly coming about since the 2016 presidential elections, so may I be the last to personally thank you Mr. Trump for all you have brought, fourteenth is not so bad a ranking among happiest nations, better then what has been predicted for next year, dead last…


Truth in reporting; A Reuters/Ipsos poll found almost half of Canadians want people who entered the country illegally to be deported…










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