Bartender, a glass of glyphosate, with a toe in it, please…

the failure to maintain a “smiling lawn” can have decidedly unhappy consequences. Section 119-3 of the county code of Fairfax County, Virginia—a section representative of similar ones on the books in jurisdictions across the country—stipulates that “it is unlawful for any owner of any occupied residential lot or parcel which is less than one-half acre (21,780 square feet) to permit the growth of any grass or lawn area to reach more than twelve (12) inches in height/length.” And while Fairfax County sensibly advises that matters of grass length are best adjudicated among neighbors, it adds, rather sternly, that if the property in question “is vacant or the resident doesn’t seem to care, you can report the property to the county.” Source, Megan Garber, August 28, 2015, The Atlantic…  


We didn’t always have a love affair with our lawns. In fact it wasn’t until the industrial revolution that lawns became practical for most Americans. Lawns were seen as a luxury expense for only the wealthy who could afford grounds keepers to maintain the fine bladed plants using scythes. Not everyone wanted cattle or sheep grazing in the front yard to keep the green stuff at a manageable height as did Woodrow Wilson while occupying the White House. Source, American Lawns, website…


The great American green lawn is killing us. Herbicides used to maintain lawns weed free are causing cancers, killing humans, but also the bees that are the great pollinators of our crops. After the watering of lawns, the run-off into rivers and streams, forever altering the life cycle of all water based life forms, plants, fish and crustaceans that depend of a pristine environment for survival and by extension, humans. At the very beginning of the so called green lawn culture are giant chemical companies that have convinced home owners with open spaces that a green lawn adds value to property with a hidden agenda, the company’s bottom line. Every Spring, the sale of all sort of lawn enhancing products are advertised on television and print publications the virtue of a ‘healthy’ lawn, when health is the less thing that a green lawn promotes or offers, some will be laying in and around their lawns, waking barefooted, transporting the remnants of all sorts of pesticides into homes, infecting pets and children. When an illness strikes, it may be hard to diagnose since by that time the chemical may have changed, morphed into something less harmless in appearance but, in the long term, just as deadly but moving more slowly to the same deadly end…another glass of glyphosate, anyone?  

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