Please Sir…More Coal

DataRefuge helps to build refuge for federal data and supports climate and environmental research and advocacy. We are committed to fact-based arguments. DataRefuge preserves the facts we need at a time of ongoing climate change. Source, DataRefuge website…


No one in their right mind would ever think that after all the time and money spent by the government on the tax payers dime, the valuable research data accumulated would someday be in danger of being altered or even destroyed, that is the case and the urgent need for a data refuge community.

 For this post let us consider two countries, two coal burning countries, India and China, where there may be only two good days in a month that can be called a good day, because on those days a blue sky may be in view. The other days of the month, a license plate number determines if permission to drive on that day will be granted because of the auto-exhaust from their automobiles coupled with nationwide coal burning can mean that the air is not fit for human consumption or for any living thing needing clean oxygen or without in the very least an oxygen mask.

So, Mr. President, why bring on the coal industry again, let it die a peaceful death before it kills us all…More coal on the fire please…




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