What the hack…

The Russian government used “thousands” of internet trolls and bots to spread fake news, in addition to hacking into political campaigns leading up to the 2016 U.S. election, according to one lawmaker.

Disinformation spread on social media was designed to raise doubts about the U.S. election and the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, said Senator Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat. Source, Grant Gross, InfoWorld…


Russia did not take possession of nor control one voting machine so how did they steer the 2016 presidential election one way or another? By using an ounce of human nature along with influence and marketing, that has been built into the American psychic. Americans seem more likely than any other peoples to succumb to a vigorous marketing campaign, who else can be persuaded to try a product, once tried becoming hooked, sometimes for life, to the detrimental of their health, tobacco. Marketed to buy and then adopt as a pet, a rock, a ‘pet rock’, such is the power of marketing simultaneously linked to a trending faddish suggestion. The makers of personal hair care products are more than billion-dollar concern$ having convinced the beauty buying public that gray hair is a disease that must be cured with their manufactured products of hair dye, as they march happily off to the bank not even caring to stop to count their loot, it being too much to do so. So, wonder no more, how almost anything that seem on the surface as being totally impossible, with an ounce of human nature, coupled with a little marketing, faddish influence, one, anyone, can be taught to become the biggest bigot in the land as if they were born to such practice, as sung in the 1949 Broadway show, South Pacific by Rogers and Hammerstein, ‘you’re got to be carefully taught’… once taught, the sky is the limit…



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