You Nice Old Thing

I think it was in 2014 during a street demonstration of ‘dreamers’, supporters of the Dream Act, acronym for, Development, Relief, and Education, for Alien Minors,  by a local beat television reporter who by chance briefly interviewed a very articulative wholesome looking demonstrator who in a few days was invited to appear on one of their network morning talk shows, for this appearance her comportment had been so altered so that whatever she said seemed to appear totally  uncreditable, why, they made her up to look very much like cheap dance hall girl in a 1950’s cowboy movie.


During its early broadcast years of I was a habitual viewer of ABC’s, The View, however, over the years, the appearance of its hosts and guests became in my view an aversion to my personal taste in female appearance, when it seemed to me that the overabundance of hair dye and wigs geared to a more youthful appearance became fakery on top of fakery, its tolerance to me became unbearable when very few of the hosts or guests ever appeared as their true to life real self, which seemed to cry out that nothing said can be taken seriously unless they looked like young pretty little things, which they are not but in most cases are in the later stages of their lives. A television serious running for years, both the character and the actors never seem to age even though the life of the show can run into years, ten or more. A singer known for love songs must forever appear as once looked in their youth even though are now in their seventies, if balding, slap on a wig. The last two major presidential candidates, in their late sixties, both where dye head blonds. What have we as consumers of real life presence become? I remember seeing fifty-five-year-old Sam Champion, stubbing for the regular meteorologist on television and how refreshingly he looked as his present day real self, not having been talked into fake enhancing blond hair even though having been a natural born one.


If you are currently dyeing your hair, when did you start, and why are you contenting this fakery, and will you ever stop and give up this fakery, as each and every year, you begin to look so much worse for the wear and tears shad over your looks…

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