Warning…Rake Fast Approaching

This fascination with death and interaction with media editorial policies sometimes has problematic consequences for public policy. For example, Vincent Sacco and others described how the mainstream commercial media in the United States changed their editorial policies in the 1970s to focus more on the police blotter. The human psychology behind “If it bleeds, it leads” meant they could retain or even increase their audience while reducing the cost of producing the news: Investigative journalism is enormously expensive, especially if it offends a major advertiser. Focusing on crimes apparently committed by people without substantive political or economic power is cheap. The resulting increase in crime stories convinced the US electorate that crime was out of control. This led to the election of politicians who would “get though on crime.” The result was a five-fold increase in the United States incarceration rate not justified by any actual increase in crime. Source, Wikipedia…


Fake news in the U.S. these days can mean almost any news about the current administration, that is bad news, according to the President. The White House has wondered why the good news about this administration’s governing, is never reported, the news is, there has never been any to report. The banning of travel from some Muslim countries, the roll back of some environmental regulations, the building of a wall on its southern border, the withdrawal from some international trade contracts, the bad mouthing of longtime allies, just to name a few are nothing to report as good news, only bad, so the phrase, ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ is very much in order, and is bound to lead the news almost every night on network news programs. Then there are the financial ties of the ‘family’ in international trade with foreign governments intertwined with U.S. policies, on the surface suggesting many more well-hidden, is nothing to feel good about that may be bordering on scandal, impeachment or worse. This whole administration is top heavy with millionaires, I remember it was said after being setup can mean corruption free, but I have never heard of anyone having made its first million was satisfied with just one. So, this television celebrity with no political experience even at the local level has started at the very top cannot be an omen of good things to come based on the principal of circumstance alone may prove the sum of all nonessential and essential ingredients of events of good governance not forthcoming…

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