A Binding and Thickening Agent?

Accreditation occurs when a new ambassador presents “letters of credence”, or diplomatic credentials, to the host country’s head of state. Letters of credence, which are signed by the ambassador’s own head of state, confirm that the ambassador is authorised to represent his or her country, and ask that the host country respect this fact. The presentation of letters of credence is often an elaborate ceremony, and serves as an official welcome to the new ambassador. Source, Wikipedia…


As far as I can tell the only credentials the Presidents thirty-six-year old son-in-law, Jared Kushner, will have in his possession as he travels the globe is the assurance of having the Presidents ear, otherwise, no other professional edification will be needed for his meetings in Iraq and with other top U.S. generals around the world; is that enough? Enough to be able to process all he has and will learn, transferable into a sound foreign policy, based on and coupled with past experiences of which there are none to mention. Kushner has been given a plate full of responsibilities, including the stellar at the top, a Middle East peace affair, that have eluded the best diplomatic minds the world has ever known, and with him it is only one of many world and domestic puzzles for him to try to solve. With what he has learned during his travels, reporting back to his boss, a political novice, is like having two ten-year old’s in a professional kitchen traying to figure out how to bake a cake but must first be able to figure out how light an oven. The enemy around the world at this time is the Islamic State, there is no known long term creditable interaction of either the President or Kushner with any Muslims, an understanding that would have to play a key role in combating the movement in any meaningful structure, ever hear of the phrase, first ‘know they enemy’, born in Livingston, New Jersey, graduated cum laude from Harvard College with a BA (Bachler Arts) seems on the surface like very little preparation to tackle the worlds hot spots fresh out of the gate with any romantic or passionate liaison of affairs both foreign and domestic…

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