Analytically Syria

The number of refugees who have fled Syria for neighbouring countries has topped five million people for the first time since the civil war began six years ago, according to the UN’s refugee agency.

Half of Syria’s 22 million population has been uprooted by a conflict that has now lasted longer than the second world war, the figures released by the UNHCR show, with 6.3 million people who are still inside the country’s borders forced from their homes.

The figure of five million refugees “fails to account for the 1.2 million people seeking safety in Europe”, the International Rescue Committee, an aid organisation, noted. Nearly 270,000 of these applied for asylum in Germany last year. Source, Matthew Weaver, theguardian…


I am moved that the President of the United States was deeply moved by just a small number of Syrian people, that were attacked and killed by chemical weapons, when the killings have been going on, on a massive scale for years, some with pictures many without, and like a lot of scenes of harrow that can be viewed repeatedly it’s those that will always have a much longer, lasting influence on the heart strings and move one to action no matter if belatedly. When the cry went out from those seeking refuge from the carnages, the request was flatly denied, reasoning own safety is not to be placed at risk from those in urgent need of sheltering from harm. When it has been said that most Syrians would rather remain in the region though very dangerous, fearing ill treatment in other countries, that have been well documented even in the land of immigrants. The international community has turned a blind eye and deaf ear to all the suffering until chemical use flashed one harrow able death over another when the end is the same and just as bad and life ending. Everyone seem to agree that the repeated use of chemical weapons on people must not continue, beyond that, the world becomes mum once again…until the recent scenes are displayed again in reruns…

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