Ham Handed

Tom Delay, a congressional majority leader in the United States, was indicted on ethics violations. His colleagues came to his defense by invoking the “ham sandwich” defense. This defense became well known when Delay defender Senator Mike Rodgers confused the public by misusing the phrase when he said “… any attorney knows you can get an indictment with a ham sandwich.” Obviously he meant “against a ham sandwich.” Source, Mitch Monmouth, 07/31/05


The confirmation of Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court justice will in my view forever stand in relationship to congressional partisanship of a ham sandwich in the U.S. senate. The Republican party possessed a 52-48 senate majority, not enough for a confirmation of a Supreme Court justice, which requires at least a 60-majority vote count, so, the Republicans invoked a rule change, the so called, ‘nuclear option’, requiring a simple majority for confirmation, here’s where the phrase ham sandwich comes in, meaning that the majority party in the senate can from now on confirm a ham sandwich, if they so wish, a Supreme Court nominee. It must be noted that three Democratic senators voted for Gorsuch’s confirmation, a Republican senator missed the vote due to illness, just for you vote counters. Democrats claimed that Gorsuch was so extreme and outside of judicial mainstream, he could never be considered a true representative of the nine-to-five working American, only of the corporate business board room types, in short big business interests. On April 13th Gorsuch will be invited to attend the private justices conference to consider new cases for the new fall term, I envision him presenting himself with the statement, ‘don’t hate me because I got here on a pure partisan vote like a ham sandwich’ with just a little mayo and pickle on the side…





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