Criticality in Action

The approval polling of this American President has been in the toilet since election day, even during what has been called the honeymoon period experienced by most presidents, but not this one. The only favorable period has been twice when military action had been undertaken, first in Syria, the second in Afghanistan, leading one observer to note that future approval polling will be based on some sort of military action and not on any peace endeavor no matter how likely to succeed. A presidency based on a war footing will forever be in crisis mode, by that yard stick this president permanently seeking approval in a deadly and unbecoming manner. The cheering has never been so laud as when he was either blowing up something or killing someone, not what most Americans would like to think of their president as dong, feeding or sheltering the less fortunate of the world. This president may never be pictured holding an olive branch or a carrot stick but a fully loaded M-16 or worse, never once to give peace a chance when the cheering will be the loudest with the cry of war being rallied by supporters out for blood on the road to ‘make America great, again’…

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