Dear Lawrence O’Donnell

I can’t think of anything that would be more annoying then while watching a movie the title of the movie would remain on the screen throughout its running. Yesterday an MSNBC special from Lawrence O’Donnell’s The Last Word, a compendium, ‘Trump: 100 DAYS of Conflicts’, did just that, displayed the title of the program throughout its running with a spattering of a ‘Breaking News’, banner only added to the annoyance of the piece, which is odd since the program must have been in production for some time. Can anyone hear a boy crying wolf? And still in view of the all the above, this program could have been worse, how? With the added irritation of a news crawl. This special stands as a ‘how to’, to distract from a very important discussed subject with flashings of on screen antics, including the repetition of some images of the individuals that played a meaningful role in helping to bring about the conflicts. The investigative subject of this special is the President of the United States, an image known the world over, no stills or clips are necessary but one if any at all at the top of the program, any more then that will be viewed as excessive and an over indulgence and another distraction.

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