On to a better time

‘Make America Great, Again’, when you hear that phrase, what does it mean to you? To most, restoration to an earlier time in the nation’s history, but when? To an era in time before the civil war, could mean slavery, to the late 1860’s no women’s suffrage, if before WWI, could mean no free speech, if during the 1940’s could mean Jim Crow laws, take your pick, whichever time is chosen it was not a particularly good time for some segment of the population, I could go on in choosing but what’s the use you’re got the idea by now, so you choose one in your mind then pick a segment of the population in that era to be a part of, then hop into your time machine and as in the official state motto of New Hampshire, ‘live free or die’. Then come back in a few years and tell me about it…how much you liked it and was better off then than now…

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