Spin baby Spin

Spin: a particular way of representing an event or situation to the public so that it will be understood in a way that you want it to be understood: The Cambridge Dictionary…

Scott Pelley is being replaced as the anchor of CBS Evening News after the program finished consistently third among the three-major broadcast network news casts (due to its low ratings), which in the network news business is a normal turn of events.

Scott Pelley has been fired from CBS Evening News as some have put it because of his seemly frequent derogatory intros to news pieces (stories) involving President Trump.

Long time CBS News broadcaster, Scott Pelley is being discharged from the anchoring chair of CBS Evening News program for refusing to dye his (aging) gray hair so that the program would appeal to and capture a younger demographic.

This may come as somewhat of a shock to some, but what is news to you is all about who is doing the telling. Where you get your news has shaped your point of view and which news outlet you have allowed to shape that point of view. Conclusion, if you live in the U.S., your knowledge of or lack of public affairs is in your hands and cannot be blamed on the miss information of ‘media’, intelligence and opinion is available to you for the taking 24/7, over as many platforms as you will allow.

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