Not My High-Rise Building on Fire

The London high-rise fire as sparked a personal overall assessment of the building in which I now live concluding that it’s the tenants that are the prime movers and offer the greatest danger to themselves and the dwelling. First a little background, this is a semi-high rise, a semi-fire proof building, the word semi is used here with a little caution since nothing is 100% everything is only semi if at all. The building has two enclosed staircase escape routes on each side that contain no flammable material, the only flammable material contained in this building as in most is in each individual unit. So, if a unit’s residents should find themselves overwhelmed by fire should immediately leave their unit closing the door of their unit behind them to contain the fire using one of the escape staircases to exit the building again closing the staircase door behind them to avoided smoke contamination of the staircase. All it takes is one panic stricken juvenile, elderly or know-it-all university professor to place the entire development at risk…

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