Watergate Recurring, Maybe?

Have just watched All the President’s Men, Revisited on MSNBC, I liked it, liked it a lot, cannot remember watching it in 2013, its original air date, I must have knowing my taste in all things political and in human nature which has not changed much since then. This documentary was re-presented because of Watergate’s anniversary, the scandal occurred in the 1970’s, hard to believe that it did during that time line, since in today’s political atmosphere seem very much like only yesterday. I would have thought that because of the importance of the subject the corporate onscreen logo would have been well hidden, corporations are people as someone recently wrote and yes money grubbing forever marketing people to be sure. All the males in the piece appeared as their today self’s gray hair and all except the females forever clinging to their cultural stereotype, oh, of course, for the program executive producer, ‘The Way We Were” looking Robert Redford, he is of Hollywood, that ageless kingdom on the Westcoast, living the ‘were’ every day of his not so ‘national’ looking life till the end…

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