But Is It Rearly Breaking News?

Concerning the ‘breaking news’ banner that’s chronically used on all cable news outlets, yesterday, on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, it was used throughout with reference to the Presidents taping of conversations related to the firing of James Comey which was admitted to as not existing even though the story at the time of this broadcast broke hours ago, all news is ‘breaking news’ to someone who hasn’t heard it before. After all, like the Jimmy Buffett-Alan Jackson record, time to leave work because it’s ‘five o’clock somewhere’. It seems that the ‘breaking news’ banner is used to add some urgency to a story even when there is none and may have been percolating for hours in the news sphere. The breaking news banner produces one thing that all cable news outlets seem to love and that is screen clutter, the more the better, the producers have never heard of the concept, or so it may seem, of a simple clean screen so that whatever the story that is being reported can be clearly and better understood, add a news crawl and the poor viewer is left with story and image load, just how many of them can the human mind process with any meaningful comprehension and take away, at some point it all can seem like gibberish in addition to more like a lot of audio cross talk.

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