Reading Washington Week (In Review)

Washington Week, Friday’s on, is just another political television chat show in a long line of having been ruined by banners, such as the subject under discussion appearing on the screen, there are just somethings that I, the viewer would like to discover for myself without having to read a banner. The only information that is appreciated on the screen to be read are the nameplates of the reporters, anything else is a distraction and totally unnecessary…so, I have taken to treating Washington Week as a radio program, not television, that is the only way to be able to drain the full essences of the broadcast and not spend any brain processing energy on reading…On the 03/24/2017 broadcast, hard to believe not a single gray hair could be found, was that by design? And oh yes, fifty years of Washington Week, save it for the programing biographic profile, every week, is just purely excessive…to the station and network managers, I hope I have not hurt anyone’s feelings…

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