Not Quite Ready for the Trash Heap

The western capitalist democracies like to blame the current economic problems plaguing the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on its socialist system and that would be totally inaccurate, after all there are many other practicing socialist societies that are quite successful in the twenty-first century. Venezuela has the world’s largest known oil reserves and has been one of the world’s leading exporters of that oil, so, what is the problem there, and that my friend is mismanagement, and the once reliance on a one market commodity economy, oil. So, if Venezuela had diversified into other commodities when oil prices were high, so that when oil prices fall and it will and did a living of sort, trading in other commodities could have held the country together at least till oil prices rise again and it surely will again someday. Will a country called Venezuela still be in existence or will a cataclysmic event, that currently looks like it will be man-made turn the country into something else that cannot be even imagined now, only time can tell…?

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