Old and New to Broadcasting

Anyone that currently watch a lot of broadcast news on public television or listen to public radio around the country, would have noticed a new crop, not fresh, of veteran news casters taking the plunge for the second time in a kind of second life, coming from the commercial networks, the reasons can be as varied as forced retirement or other reasons, anyway, they are there. There’s a kind of sad element to this development, sad, you may ask, what can be sad about a second opportunity to work at ones chosen profession, well it’s the loops they are sometime asked to jump through, perform, if you will, being of the aged class, they must look significantly younger than their actual age, which can mean a lot of hair dye, perhaps a hair piece or two and/or a hair extension, pounds of PanCake, and in some extreme cases facial surgery, that is the price of employment at this second life in television broadcasting, and oh yes it’s the same dam thing for those wanting to stay and work in the movies, another cutthroat industry for the young and not the old and able…

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