Your Aunt Jemima Since 1889

Aunt Jemima has appeared on a pancake mix box in a bandana as a company trademark beginning 1889, the image was officially registered as a company logo in 1937, the image originally was drawn from minstrel shows performed during the Reconstruction era in the southern most parts of the United States, to make a fashion statement, no, but to hide her untreated hair. Sarah Breedlove became a self-made millionaire by developing and marketing hair products to an underserved segment of the female population that may have wanted to appear in public bandana free, first she had to convince them that their untreated hair was not a desired look and that the daily use of her products was the answer for them to enter fashionable society and it worked like a charm, remnants of that thinking can clearly be seen today in broadcast newsrooms across the country in wigs and hair extensions worn by both male and females on the air. Now concerning this blond thing currently in vogue on broadcast newscasts, the words fashionable, acceptance and fad comes to mind, seamlessly adopted with great enthusiasm, that those not chemically ‘blonded’ or appear with untreated hair are somehow less of a person since the preference these days are toward the ‘blonded’ as seen in all types of advertising without regard to product, I don’t like to mention nor admit that amorous desire has anything to do with it, but it does, it has everything to do with what has become to a person a more desirable trait then not. Witness the last two major presidential candidates both dye head blonds, and the one that won. So, in conclusion, when female walking into a broadcast newsroom with greased toxic hot combed treated hair, or toxic aerosol sprayed, wigged or blond dyed hair know this, there should be a health warning posted about and that you are historically correct even though very intensely faddish for a short time as in nature will surly change over time…just you wait Henry Higgins…

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