This is my first presidential campaign, so what do you want from me?

A Reuters headline reads, ‘Trump, Jr. Emails Suggest He Welcomed Russian Help Against Clinton’. Trump, Jr. released emails that are evidential that he on behalf of his father’s presidential campaign did seek Russian help to win the election. So, what did Trump, Jr. do to fully explain his actions and the issues raised by the emails, not appear in the lion’s den of say MSNBC or CNN where hard ball questions will surely be asked, no, he appears on Fox News with Sean Hannity guarantying soft ball questions that even if the issues are effectively raised will still leave much still to be questioned and asked in a full congressional investigation that I’m sure will follow…

I wrote the above at 07:45p…Watched Hannity interview broadcast at 10:00p…conclusion, ignorance of the seriousness of a situation one finds oneself in cannot be used as a defense before or after the fact which is what I came away with…

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