Trump on Stage

For the life of me I cannot understand as to why this American President is traveling to France as if he is some sort of leader of the free world, a designation he forfeited long ago when he embarked on this ‘make America, great again’ campaign which is incompatible to being a world leader. You cannot be the leader of the free world and practice a policy of ‘America First’ at home. Trump already is an isolated figure in Europe because of his rejection of the climate accords and his ‘America First’ trade stance, all of which is a guarantee not to win any new friends or keep any old ones. The countries now anticipating world stage leadership in no certain order are Germany, France and China, while this American President marinate to a pickle in his ‘America First’ segregation. It’s quite easy to imagine a meeting of world leaders inviting America only as a curiosity or courtesy, an afterthought, for the sake of appearances and avoidance of awkwardness of any gettogether knowing full well the issues Trump will not be in acceptance of, since he is a well stated isolationist and not in the least an internationalist as is much of the current free world. France’s Emmanuel Macron, is the youngest leader since Napoleon two centuries ago, I don’t like to suggest that this seventy-one-year-old blond dye head American President is out of step with this modern world but his views on most modern issues suggest it to a fault along with his lack of international proficiency in diplomacy, ever since his presidential campaign we should have known, as in ‘what you see is what you get’ and boy did we get it and are not getting it…

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