Sunday Morning Playhouse

Theatrical hair and make-up is widely accepted on television, the descriptive word theatrical is used here, as in drama, comedy in a theatrical setting in a performance portraying the characterization of a character’s personality, psyche, if the need is to dig a little deeper into the subject of theatrical make-up on television and all its variants, (psyche) leads one on the road to an impression of the individual to be misled, be deceived. On today’s Sunday morning, political chat shows each one in appearance will be in performance in some form of full garb of television make-up involving hair and melodramatic make-up, some in hair extensions or worse, wigs, hair dye shades, would just be too numerous to mention so I won’t. Well that covers your standard television personalities posing the questions, and oh yes, what about the public figures in service to us, why do they find it a necessary evil to be so covered in all this theatrical crap, that is for another day, much closer to election day when they will have to stand before us, if in normal, aged and tired looking without the added make-up, now who’s kidding who, or is it whom? From where I sit every Sunday morning it’s not the dyed gray hair or thinning hair line if exposed would be the distraction but the reality of the moment is in the lack of any gray hair and the synthetic head coverings that prove to be more of the distraction with every phony theatrical spurious appearance…

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