Persuasive Marketing

It seems every month or so one of the news networks does a story on the heavy weights populating society by showing torso clips of both males and females waddling down a city street. Which has given rise to so many weight reducing commercials playing on television, each seem to feature ‘all you can eat’ programs by displaying some of the most delicious looking dishes even a full stomach would crave. Are these commercials aimed at the problem eaters who just eat too much of the wrong foods or those with a medical fat metabolism problem? Some of the aids are so appealing even the skinny would not mind giving such programs a try. Another group populating society are those that have a problem with alcohol, will we soon see commercials addressing their problem with ‘all you can drink’ programs featuring such exotic cocktails as ‘lime rickey’, ‘pink lady’, ‘bloodhound’, or ‘salty dog’ or worse, only time will tell or if a very inventive marketing manager has a crack at baiting the persuasive among us.

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