Meet Benny ‘The Arnold’ Trump

George Washington slept here, if only the first American president knew that he could increase the value of his estate to pass on to his descendants simply by sleeping around. Something the current President knows all too well by sleeping around in his many demesnes increasing their value with every hour spent there, such is the marketing value of the office he holds that has increased since being elected and will continue for a long time after he leaves office. I regret that few will be pointing with pride at the many Presidential retreats only that they exist noting the added real estate value to be enjoyed by his posterity. Unless he manages, which seem very likely that he will proceed to tarnish his name so severely that it ends up, to borrow a phrase, on the trash heap of history never to be spoken of in polite company only in the recounting of a tragic time in American history something like a Benedict Arnold. I reference here the urban dictionary top definition… When you “pull a Benedict Arnold”, you sell out your side and join the stronger side of a situation out of fear, not honor. And I may add, personal gain…

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