The Maddow-O’Donnell Undertaking

How do I know when I see the microorganism growth of conscientious news programing, well it came to me watching some of the daily hand-offs of the Rachel Maddow Show to Lawrence O’Donnell’s Last Word at the Midnight re-broadcast? What MSNBC needs to do for the 9p regular time slot is rebrand that block The Maddow-O’Donnell News Hours, or at other times expand the hand-off discussion to fifteen minutes or as news warrants, maintaining the germ, integrity and separation of each program and staffs, again as news warrants, reorganizing the separate but equal news team’s strengths, stop the excessive display of clips at the mention of a name with one or two stills, kill the news crawl at the regular 9p time period, cut down on the on-screen banners if not killing them altogether, breaking news is only breaking news for so long, not forever, both are distractions, improved changes are in order and way overdue…

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