Tap or Bottled?

Once a week, on Thursdays, a convoy of heavy duty trucks can be seen clogging up parking lots outside most high-rise buildings employing a cadre of mostly men wheeling hand trucks making their way to weekly deliveries of large amounts of heavy bottled water to the enclosed tenants, sometimes at great expense to some that cannot readily afford the extra expense of the personally delivered disinfected H2O being provided free of charge or minimally by city government. Also, since 1950, added fluoride, a safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay in children, I’m not certain that it’s a part of the content in all purchased bottled water. Are these high-rise buildings located in some remotely arid, parched, water deprived land somewhere way out in the hinterland, no, in the heart of New York City? So, what do these weekly purchasers of bottled water know that the rest of us don’t, nothing, nothing at all, except having been heavily marketed to by doomsayers without any verifiable proof of an impending water calamity either present, past or future.

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