Broken News

Note to radio and television news broadcasters, the life of any breaking news item is at best fifteen minutes to an hour, any longer than that it will start to seem excessive, in this age of Trump, a breaking news item can last as long as a whole week, after which the most loyal news hound, myself included, begin to wonder, is this the same old story with a new missed spin or not and how many times I have heard this story reported before it starts to stale and die on the vine, as boredom takes a upfront seat, that can then easily be labeled fake news. Don’t think I’m exaggerating but I’ve seen the breaking news banner stay locked on the television screen though out the life of a half hour local news broadcast, then go on to become the lead story on the network news program that followed. Japanese broadcasters have found a cure all for the breaking news malaise with the banner, ‘developing story’, that I guess can be employed with reference to the same story for a month or more without becoming repetitive. Anyone watching a regularly scheduled news broadcast will always find items not known, that is the nature of a news broadcast that is as it’s supposed to be, news, unknown news, is news, but for items to be labeled breaking news, as the boy hoax lying crying wolf it will soon lose all its urgency and bite, and be ignored as if it was never or ever was breaking news…

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