Three Media Actors

Two actors on Fox Businesses Varney & Co., Ashley Webster, let’s just say who is over fifty, seem to be sporting just a little hair dye on top these days while another noted side kick, Elizabeth MacDonald, also over fifty who has always been relied on to provide her continuance of aged hair in denial, with an hair extension, seem to love their current shade of Orangutanian orange that is in vogue all over the air ways on display on the heads televised news anchors and contributors, which in their networks way of thinking make them more watchable in appearance then with any of their remarks alone would ever be able or hope to achieve…On today’s program featured dark haired and fiftyish Jason Chaffetz, late of congress, now a Fox contributor, hoping to make more coin there without the benefit of government and its long term bennies, but nevertheless, the chance of media advancement with super stardom in his eyes like so many who have made the transition before him and made good… One last point, if you don’t want bloggers like me writing about your hair dyeing, don’t do it, there are hundreds of congressional and media types that have not stupidly taken to dyeing their hair, not one word has ever been written about them not dyeing their hair and so it could be with you, now? no, it’s already too late you have already taken the plunge there is no walking back this deceit…

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