Recalling Past Experiences

Growing up, every summer vacation my family would spend about two weeks in the birth state of my parents, Virginia. Traveling by train was a wonderful experience in those days, some even dressed up for the occasion, a well-dressed family walking down the street was either going or coming from church or traveling out of state. Before the purchase of the family automobile, Pennsylvania Station was the place of embarkation, I can still sometime remember the sight, sounds and smell of the place, hoping to someday return to bathe in that memory in real life, in real time, over the years I have forgotten about that desire, until last Sunday. While watching Treasures of New York on Public Television I learned that the old Pennsylvania Station is no more, having been done in by the soon to take a firm hold on the city in the era of Urban Renewal, reasoning that it was cheaper to demolish the old then to maintain them, never taking into serious consideration the memories that will be taken away, destroyed along with the demolition. I don’t mean to go on so, however, thanks to the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, any declared historic building now has a fighting chance of survival…

Someday I hope to publish a post describing the five stories walk up in which I was raised, two apartments on each floor an unheard of seven rooms each, the one and only one on the block, you could fire a pistol in one apartment, only hearing a little thump in the next, compared to my current building where a little whisper can be heard on every floor, to say “they don’t build them like they used to”, you ain’t just whistling Dixie…

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