White Powdered Wig

As soon as it was reported that President Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans, there was no stopping them being shipped to his White House by the pound from average American citizens, if you think that’s something, at about the same time, think of red dresses, there are more pictures of First Lady Nancy in one them than any other First Lady in history. So, it was only natural at Reagan press conferences it became popular for some members of the female press core to wear a red dress as an aid to be called upon to ask a question, and most of the time it worked like an allure.

I wonder if President Trump appeared in public wearing a white powdered wig, how long would it take for it to become not only a running fad but the norm, the height of all fashion in the District. It’s no longer debated that all this blond hair dyeing while not having been initiated by Trump but most certainly it roared to new elevations that we now find it in the White House, on most trophy wife’s, all over the air ways and in public acceptance at every turn, even among the manliest of the population. Before Trump, the description of a tall blond man or a busty blond woman, was the desired playmate, with Trump, we get added riches and power, no wonder men, some unconsciously, are falling for the fakery just as some women have added falsies to their fake blond dyed hair or wig, unmentioned but accepted as normal as George Washington did in his time adorned in a white powdered wig with a bowl of jelly bellies nearby, standing viewing Martha in a long formal red dress… These times are not a changing…so fast…

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