Diana Frances Spencer

This week over a two-night period you will be invited once again to empty your over filed soon to be inflamed tear ducts all over again over the all too short life of the much loved and deeply missed Princess of Wales.
Yes, here we go again, with a story that we seem never to tire of it being told to us, each time with a slightly different spin, with the same resulting sad story book ending. An ABC television special titled, The Story of Diana, which brings up my ‘what if’ file. What if Prince Charles was allowed to marry the women he loved and by extension, what if Edward Albert Christian Andrew Patrick David was allowed to marry the women he loved. This Wednesday’s television special would not be necessary and the English monarchy would have an altogether different look and feel than it does today, a look and feel perhaps not envisioned by some royal traditionalist, since the Duchess of Windsor, an American socialite stole the heart of King Edward VIII. So, forgive me as I continue to wonder in the wonderful land of ‘what if’ and oh what a wonderment to wonder and wallow in.

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