The City Father’s Gamble

About twenty or so years ago in small towns across America, there was a thriving business community operated by moms and pops, drug, shoe and general stores, soda pop shops, clothing stores, dental, doctors’ offices and specialty shops, depending on the community, the big attraction included the area only movie theater, pulling double duty sometime as a community meeting house, for school plays, or whatever was needed for a sit down gathering of events. Then one day the city fathers gambled on what was thought of as good for the employment of its citizens, contracted an empty non-tax generating field just outside of town to a large big city type enterprise offering a big tax abatement to build a large all-purpose store. A visit to those down town areas today, what one will find is a boarded-up ghost town, none of those mom and pop business of yesterday could ever hope to compete on the ground then with the large bulk buying power of those big city everyday low prices conglomerates, the area of the large all you can eat, one stop shop malls had been launched. To make a long story short, that’s not the end of the story, all those mom and pop enterprises, those with an eye for the future, simply moved their operations on-line renting space from some large cloud enterprises, started to and continued to thrive putting more than just a few nails into the coffins of those large malls that once did them in with a deadlier pay back then what was inflected upon them, with free shipping included. Down town is still a ghost town, but there has recently been added some large mom and pop occupied stately houses just outside of town… Now go figure…

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