A Brand New Orleans

I got some ocean front property in Arizona
From my front porch you can see the sea
I got some ocean front property in Arizona
If you’ll buy that I’ll throw the golden gate in free… As recorded by George Strait, song writers, Dean Dillion, Hank Cochran and Royce Porter…
All over the world lowlands, like, wetlands, marshes, sumps, quagmires or whatever such lowlands are called in your area, every four to five years will experience some form of flooding either a little or a lot, there will be found a few hardy souls having been born there or currently living there, will rebuild after flooding year after year after year, sometimes at government tax expense.
Don’t wanna be a bum

You better chew gum

The pump don’t work

’Cause the vandals took the handles
Excerpted from Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan

Unlike during Hurricane Katrina, the problem over the weekend wasn’t the 133 miles of levees and flood walls that protect New Orleans from the tidal surges of the Gulf of Mexico or Lake Pontchartrain, which hangs over the northern and eastern edge of the city. Instead, parts of New Orleans were underwater because the city’s hundreds of miles of drains and pumps couldn’t bail rainwater fast enough. Tim Craig, Washington Post

Nobody in their right mind would build a city in the bottom of a cereal bowl, unless they enjoy being flooded year-round, and after being flooded a few times continue to live there. The Mayor of New Orleans looked to dismiss the water board communications director and others because some of the water pumps failed, when it’s the location of the city that should have been dismissed years ago… but where would the tourist go to hear authentic New Orleans Jazz? Well there will always be recording…

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