Live to Reason Another Day

I invite anyone with a mind to do a little cursory research on the inaugural addresses of most Presidents of the U.S., will find them mostly filled the goodness of America, with great hope for the future, except the for the 45th President’s which has been described as the darkest in history. A little more digging will also find a governing style just as dark and foreboding, fear of Mexican rapist, illegal immigrants, all shades of terrorist, international job stealers, monetary debasers from every country, the transgender, Obamacare, welfare cheaters, mainstream free press media, election frauds, plus hundreds of sub-sets or supersets, if you will, for each of the above too numerous to list here. Also, the outside/inside avoidance of Russian U.S. election tampering as non-existing in-spite of overwhelming speculation, boarding on ever so slightly, the appearance of impropriety. Did anyone recently hear this American President publicly thank the Russians for the explosion of over seven-hundred and fifty U.S. diplomats from Russia, as a cost saving payroll measure, who will still be paid whether at home or abroad, oh yes you did? Nothing in history could be stranger, except if one had seen an elephant flying jumping over the moon.
Describing past Presidential negotiations with North Korea as appeasers, well just a little, I say well done in avoidance of an all-out global nuclear exchange noting that the world is still here, intact, that was then, this is now, not a certainty after the 45th President has had his turn at antagonizing a newly created nuclear power in ‘I dare you’ in boasting speech and display not the best way to win international influence’s and friends.
Finally, this Presidents hyperbole statement of not a conventional 1990’s style shooting war but a ‘fire and fury’ cease and desist threat or war in this nuclear age, a warning toward North Korea, seemly without regard to any retaliation that might occur is both suicidal and reckless as a leader of a nation, few would care if it was his life, only his life in peril, what an interesting movie that would make, but please Mr. President, include us out…